As with any complex equipment with many parts, piano parts wear out and can break. Most small parts can be repaired cheaply and quickly during the time the piano is being tuned. Repair costs are charged at an hourly rate plus the cost of the replacement part. All service jobs will be discussed and agreed before the piano is worked on. Please note that a service call out fee will be charged for any instrument that can not be tuned or repaired, or for any piano that is assessed as too old to ensure a good result.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Many second hand pianos are being advertised including online at bargained prices. If you are considering buying one of these instruments, it is worth having it inspected by a piano technician before purchasing. Charles would be pleased to inspect this piano for you and give a report on any problems found to help you decide whether or not to purchase the instrument. This will reduce the chance of buying a piano with major problems although no guarantee can be given. Permission from the seller will be required before the inspection can be carried out. Please contact Charles for an inspection.